Industrial production of tempe in the village of Plaosan in general can not the waste industry tempe properly so that it can pollute the water sources in the region. Background the problems underlying the managament of waste tempe as a Liquid Organic Fertilizer. Purpose This Study is to instill awareness of the dangers of waste tempe for the environment and train sustainable management of wasre tempe so it can be worth the order.method used is ABCD. The research technique used is interview and  observation. The result of this research is a liquid organic ferilizer is quick realese because of its shape a the liquid to be easily diffused into the roots of the pant. The use of liquid organic fertilizer it will also suppress the use of fertilizer inorganic chemicals that are not environmentally friendly. The community is very enthusiastic about sustainable management of these

Keywords: Waste Tempe, Environmental Pollution, Liquid Organic Fertilizer.

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**Makalah diterbitkan di jurnal Bimbingan Swadaya Masyarakat, ISSN: 2774-6364 (Online), Vol. 1, No. 3, Hal. 78-85, Tahun 2021.

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