The purpose of this study was to determine the juridical review of consumer protection against expired food products. The research method used in this study is a qualitative method with a normative juridical approach. The focus of this research is the Study of Consumer Protection Law on Expired Food Products. The method of data collection in this study used the literature study method. The type of data used is secondary data. The formulated legal problems will be answered through legal research using relevant legal theories to explain the legal protection of human rights against economic, social, and cultural rights. After classifying legal materials, both primary and secondary legal materials are analyzed and then described systematically. Based on the analysis results, it can be concluded that Indonesia already has many regulations in the field of food and consumer protection. However, in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication of the law, it is still weak because there are still many violations committed by producers, distributors, and product sellers who have not heeded the Human Rights owned by consumers as part of the implementation of the task of supervising the implementation of consumer protection as mandated in Law No. 8 of 1999 concerning Consumer Protection, and Law no. 18 of 2012 concerning food.

Keywords: Protection, Juridical, Expired Food, Consumer.

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**Makalah diterbitkan di jurnal Influence: International Journal of Science Review, Volume 2, No. 3, Pages 28-38, 2020.